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ITS LIT 🔥 | The BEST Hookah Ever !

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►Starbuzz Silicone Phunnel Shisha Hookah Bowl Black

► Hookah Heat Management System

►Titanium Coconut Coals Cubes

►Haze Shisha 250g

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Keisha Williams says:

More Hookah video please.
I love how you explained.

Kubbie's World says:

Can you inhale when you add weed?

Wade Overwater says:

Don't pack the tobacco, make it fluffy like a poodle…lol

Charlie Martinez says:

You should mix the shisha with weed like grind up the weed and mix it with the shisha that’s how I do it cause if you just put it the way you do it the weed burns fast

prince osars says:

So I wanted to see if I could add "trees" mixed with the tobacco. Now i know its great. I see people smoking trees with hookah but they don't mix with tobacco. Yours is the first i seen. Good video

Melanie Chandler says:

Hiiiiiiiiiii have u tried the fruit flavor without the tobacco. Since I really don't smoke I try to always figure out another option just a suggestion and i see this is a year ago but I just doing the shikii whatever u call it ok thanks for listening

Courdney Bell says:

You do your hookah just like mine I fw it. Has to be minty, I put alcohol in the water sometimes as well. Nice video scrumptious sis

Valerie Gonzalez says:

Lmao you can do a comercial you’re making me relaxed just watching you smoke it!

Iraqi Israelite says:

Why are black females always talk like that?

Alonzo Gomez says:

Im.n love good morning

Danis Hasanagic says:

Now that…is a horrible hookah

tupz24 says:

I add 3-4 coals to start it wait 5-6 min then take 4-5 slow steady puffs, then remove one of the coals and you're set. I put back that coal later if I need the heat

Therealroxana m says:

I heard the water heats up .. is that true ?

HZak says:

Yo she mad fine

Shayzee says:

Yessss i hsve the sameeee one , i was thinking to myself like if she don’t have the one i have then she dont have the best one

Lydia Santana says:

Chocolate is the best flavor , I tried it in Miami and I'm addicted

MostUnforgettable Jas says:

I know I’m late but I been doing the method for years too thought I was extra creative but I also add vodka.

Amber Barrett says:

Ivy loved your vibe. I cant find this in stock anywhere. Where did you order? I tried shishabucks and Amazon

Sacha Czyzewski says:

I like hand grinding the piff into a bowl and mixing it evenly with the tobacco. After that I pack it into the bowl and put BT's (small balls) of hash all around. Puts me to SLEEP. I started doing this at night cause I have insomnia and never had sleeping problems ever since.

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