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Internet Comment Etiquette: "Avoiding Surveillance"

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In today’s lesson, we learn what it means to be a skater boy.

“Big Money Salvia Theme” by Hot Dad

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Sara Belum says:

Thanks NORD. IS that karaoke in your attick for sale ? Pork

Gman [GD] says:

I hope nobody catches me watching this at work. I popped a fat one and it smells like a fart.

Kristjan Martin says:

And…who is on the other end of Nord? Subject to change?


theXdeity says:

will NordVPN help my edit my pornstar facefuck compilation videos faster so i can finally go viral?

Itsparker c says:

Thank you
For saving me 70% off of a three year plan! I, a human male, love nordVPN’s great service!

fligglebobbin says:

Erik: Where do you think there's the most listening devices?
Robot: Portland
Me, in 2020, watching videos of unidentified feds arresting protestors: …

Lil Bit Official says:

Bounced on my boy’s drone missles to this

sara burbank says:


Henry Callahan says:

fucking Meth Syndicate, Erik?

Sir Fap A Lot says:

i cannot keep my mind from imagining the other side… ppl who thought they would work in security and make some purpose of their lives…. then end up moderating this for national security pepeLaugh …… welcome to this reality

ChicoHavarti says:

Holy shit, this channel is fucking hilarious

Totemo Benri says:

I wish Erik was my friend in real life, like my many many many many real life friends.

Griffin Murray says:


Jim Noonan says:

Thanks for the ad. Fuck Trump.

Brad AmeerBeg says:

My boi attacks me with his 9 inch dong… and I love it.

Englishsessions says:

the beginning of Nobbleberry!

Isabel Insua says:

The pork thing is kinda racist ngl

knexpert100 says:

Erick please do a review of everyone's childhood videos that are on their accounts that they just use for Internet Comment Etiquette videos now

Brian J. Whitelaw-McDonald says:

Thank you NordVPN

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