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i smoke a cigarette for the first time

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here’s me smoking a cigarette for the first time.


TMG Magnom says:

Just chill girl and feel the joy inside of u

Salustia Peña says:

U need weed my dude

Owen French says:


Sam Conway says:

It’s not the fact that it kills
It’s if you have any restraint not to do it

Lazarxy says:

This is comedy gold no sarcasam

Alex Kerr says:

Never smoke

oskar cool says:


ShadowX Gaming says:

I love anything that makes clouds.

Jack A says:

Update: She's addicted. Looked on the channel.

Trecko says:

On a serius note Please don’t start smokeing it is a horrible addiction and every time I finish a ciggarette I say it will be my last and hour later and I’m smokeing again it seriously sucks
And I do not recommend starting please it is a bad addiction

Connor Greenwood says:

What is that lighter

Connor Greenwood says:

She doesn't know how to smoke

Tytesvlogs says:

I love this

chariX says:

It feel good for me
But someone….

Casino Production says:

2:07 and this is the moment this poor women, got addicted to smoking

yety beatzz says:

Shes my 11 y/o me lmao

SHDWZAdarmus says:

Adult with a child mind

touch th dog says:

Can you try meth on camera for the first time?

ericsson gibson says:

Fun Fact: She’s now addicted

ericsson gibson says:

0:43 Don’t worry, Camels are good

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