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you can also mix the weed in w the tobacco & they also have a non tobacco form , from the brand fantasia !


AZR0ZI4L says:

That is the worst way to smoke Haze on Hookah cuz it burns so fucking quickly and you have nothin special on it

Cynthia ASMR says:

New to the game of hookah. Thanks for the advice and visual!

Yosef Lopez says:

3 days?! runs to weedman

DeZTv ! says:

You are a goat

Antonio Sesson says:

What's the name of weed

Genesizs says:

if you wanna Smoke pure weed in your Shisha , place some foil with holes made into them under the weed, (now you can also grind the weed smaller or as small as you want so it' has an eisier combustion) , you can then place another foil with holes and coals on top, but i don't want and like that shit, so i just light it with the foil below and weed on top, EZ.

Topro 4Runner says:

She’s all smoked up now and dressed ready to go to the club n shit and find a man to bring back and smoke again

Kebob says:

Watch out Jeremy

Emery Fields jr says:

You don't need a Screen in the Bowel

Nate Holley says:

You could maybe mix the weed with a little honey so it burns slower for a more hookah like experience. Ultimately I would mix it with shisha and a bit of honey. Otherwise I'd just use a bong.

Damien Roberts says:

a gram doesn't last me till lunch normally

Majesty Phenom says:

I hate nicotine, tar and tobacco. I really recommend getting Hydro Herbal tea leaves. (Their flavors are bomb asf) then grind your weed and put as much on top of the shisha and put your foil over, poke holes get you some coals and light it up. I SWEAR, the flavor hits different! You dont get that harsh weed taste but it's deluted by the tea leaves and it still last hours and gets you high asffff!!! Like you said basically, a little goes a long way and you'll still have left over.

437 M says:

Just ordered one online. XD

REE MARiE says:

i do my make up waayyyy better now . what is this ! still cute tho .

Olavi Elgen says:

bitch you mad

Mick Spriggs says:

Nice ink! Thanks for sharing, I was wondering if weed could be smoked out a hooker

Antonia Spagnola says:

Do u still put the water at the bottom

Rasheed Edwards says:

I got something that’s hard on your throat…

The Tao says:

So ghetto! 😉 love it

Outlier says:

Just buy a bong

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