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ok this is reaaaallly how you smoke weed out of a hookah idk why i didnt think of this before lololol… if you do not want to use that much weed mix it with your tobacco/non tobacco hookah mix – the brand fantasia sells non tobacco hookah.



Bilal A. says:

I was just searching for some gardening tips and got lazy with the search keywords and ended up here. Hello and bye!

Sterling Nash says:

So was the hair you had in the part one video a wig !?

Dean Ruiz says:

2 secs into this video AND im not listening to this dumb bitch

Mzpolo Babiee says:

Omgosh u cut ur hair

Team Zazy Personal trainer says:

Honestly all good but never try those coal give you headaches

fckn h8er says:

Crap Shisha and crap coal.

Baja Benji says:

This is the worst way to do this the fuck lmao

matthew piper says:

Hey, I noticed you don't have your second hooka hole plugged up. I think you are breathing in the outside air through that compartment instead of all through the top. Make sure everything is sealed up good and tight so airflow is only coming from the top.

JasonThePhantom FoxCollins says:

I just did just now thank you beautiful lady

Zeyta says:

She ugly asl

4s3d Rwr,t, says:

Do you become stoned of this

M Oney says:

Looks like the alien from mib

lydiajimenez31 says:

40% shish and 60% herb. Wait for 5 min after red hot coal and 100% perfection

Dumm Myth says:

This is the dumbest shit I’ve see on YouTube thus far, if u actually listen and did this you dumb too.

Rene Lopez says:

Love the hair

Kira Cattan says:

I smoke a combination of weed and sage in my pipe, should I add something to moisten the mix before using it in my hookah?

Evan O'Connor says:

i love ur hair

justin gehrke says:

If I had a dollar for every gender id have 2$ and alot of counterfeits

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