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HOW TO: SMOKE TRICKS || Blow O's | French Inhale | Bane | Ghost | Dragon

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Watch me explain the most common, basic smoke tricks

Learn how to:
• Blow O’s
• French Inhale
• Bane Inhale
• Ghost Exhale
• Dragon
• Air Bending O’s

This was a highly requested video and any negative or unnecessary comments will be deleted!

Thank you so much for watching!!

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Sachini Vihara says:

wrist reveal pleaseeeeee

Katie Bisio says:

What kind of superhuman lungs do you have and how do I get them

Jadhin Miller says:

For dragon just breath with your mouth open. Feel the Feeling of the air come in an Out through your mouth an nose. Pretend that your exhaling some GASSSS you´ll feel yourself automatically close your nose from the inside. (If your just starting to smoke it might burn a little especially the Ghost) But finally to get the two holes in your mouth either frown an flex your neck OR just pinch the middle of your lips an practice. i mean that alone is pretty fun ta do while smoking. I Hope i helped with anything for anybody. AN NICE VIDEO!!! ik im replying to a Now 4 years old video but here i am…

peach pie says:

one time i was SUPER high and i accidentally blew an O and i was fucking tweakin about it lmaooooo

mellyayble says:

can tricks be done by smoking weed or only vaping

dewane johnson says:

Yh number though

Mass SNS says:

Tip its easier to do the dragon with big clouds

Roxy Havard says:

is it possible to do a bane with a disposable vape i keep trying but the smoke is to thin

Shivanie Singh says:

ur so pretty wtf

Dr Crisps says:

For the french inhales to get better at it is that put the vape in the mouth dont inhale it but keep it in the your mouth and then inhale it through your nose just for help

Battle Master YT says:

Can you do theese tricks with cigarettes??

kalev allick says:

Not gonns cap ""lips hella thicc""" but learned how to not seem as if im sucking a cock instead of blowin O's

_ uugnbyp says:

No2 its a fake tricks everyone watch the Austin lawrance videos @VaustinL

christina . says:

imma try this with a monq

Alfredo Jr says:

You talk too much

Isaac Lefevre says:

What about out the ears

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