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How to smoke like Moa Smokes (how to set up a shisha or hookah)

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This video walks you through how to set up a shisha or hookah. A detailed walkthrough on how Moa Smokes sets up his session.

What you’ll need: a shisha/hookah, a hose, grommets, a bowl/head, a heat management device, shisha/hookah tobacco and coconut coals.


moasmokes says:

Note: I'm realizing that the scale has some glare, but it reads 15g to those wondering. Enjoy!

Abraham Lopez says:

great video man. found you on the sub! was wondering, do you have any tips with the Kaloud HMD?

pedrofernandes212 says:

How much tobacco (g) did you use? Can't see it because of the reflection

Z Z says:

Worked for me! Thank you sir

Rehan Syed says:

Subscribed! cant wait for more videos

Rehan Syed says:

Moa has set the standard! If you arent smoking shisha like Moa, are you really smoking shisha right? Really detailed and informative! Now I know if my shisha isn't hitting right, why that is!

Mahmoud Sherif says:

I’m a fan

ozan kalman says:

Hey bro i loved ur video great video i have 2 onylx bowl but i never reached the one hour mark i saw from ur video that i pack my bowl way to much gonna try it tomorrow see if i can hit the one hour mark thanks for the video great information keep up the great content

Matthew Leach says:

Hey man, I'm the dude from reddit that replied to you asking how you manage to get long sessions out of the Onyx. Gonna give this a go now and see how it is! Thanks for making this!

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