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how to smoke hookah like a boss!! | For beginners…

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in this hookah tutorial ill be showing you guys how to not only smoke hookah but like a boss!! also do’s and dont’s of the hookah.
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Link to “smoking hookah for breakfast”
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BlackAmex Vlogs says:

"how to kill it lungs like a boss"

Cool Runnings Xoe says:

But I thought you were not supposed to cover the hole at the bottom.

E EES says:

I love this

Tae Al says:

So I just got my own personal one I am buzzed omg

Lesley Cubby says:

Is this illegal


Its pronounced hukkah

rock harshu uzumaki says:

Yo bro the handle of pipe u fix wrong

Bluevine says:

Hey ! This is a pumpkin hookah, it’s for decoration not for smoking, the tube is really bad for your health because of the filament in it.


We use aluminum foil to cover the flavor

m j says:

der bruder raucht mit einer 20 euro kioskshisha mit selbstanzünder smh…

Razor 27 says:

In the middle east we call that a shisha bomb

Kalikakumar says:

Smoke shisha play FIFA every day…

bob marley says:

how to inhale straight rust.. do research those hoses rust after a week.. so shit esp using quick lights

Yo Momma says:

Do you pull to the mouth or straight to lungs

ƝƝ-orbit says:

It’s worse than cigs

Solarash 黒い月 says:

What up fam, i got a question like i smoke cigarettes and some times i use a vape and i never feel anything but when ever i take a hit from a hookah i feel like my lungs are stuffed. I never felt it before when somking a hookah, am i smoking it wrong?

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