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How to smoke hookah and chill

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Basic hookah do’s and don’ts and how to smoke hookah and chill!


tupz24 says:

You do inhale to your lungs. You're supposed to do steady lung hit pulls not keeping it in your mouth..stop spreading bullshit. You just burn the tobacco flavor and ruin your session that way. It needs airflow and you purge the hookah every couple of hits

CIA says:

Hold up this bitch just call me nutmeg

631soler says:

Nah you don’t know how to inhale buh I fuck wit ya hookah

Onyeka Okafor says:

You sexy shit im in atl too

Fran Ivosevic says:


Argon Wheatbelly says:

Cranberry Juice, Baklava, and Backgammon, with some soft music. This is after dining on lamb kabobs and Turkish coffee.

big masmasman says:

This chick seems very uneducated

12pitbullmassive says:

sorry but you do to inhale , I have friends who own Lounges so thats all personal Preferance ! Personally its a waste of smoke to inhale in your mouth its filtered Through water for a reason !

Angel Jimenez says:

U hit a blunt to the lungs hard as u can not like that same with pipes and bongs Anson smoke hookah so don't think this is hate or anything

izzy nica says:

She is FINEEEE as hell. Cannot focus on the hookah smh

Deirdre Hunter says:

So When Smoking Hookah, You Don't actually inhale the smoke you just hold it in your mouth?

Dargon wing's says:

Thxs uuuu…..

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