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How to Smoke a Hookah : How to Set Up a Hookah

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Learn how to set up a hookah in a way that will allow many people to use it in this free video series that will teach you all about hookahs and how to smoke from one.

Expert: Costa Waez
Bio: Costa Waez is founder and owner of Acropolis Greek Taverna and Cafe in Historic Ybor City, Florida. Costa, from Athens has created one of the most unique Mediterranean experiences you will find.
Filmmaker: Bob Hunt


Gavin Puli says:

The hookah is a bong.

heheshabutie33 says:

If that foil were your bedsheet in the military you would be getting the beating of a lifetime.

hungryken4 says:

forgot to tell us how much water to add so it doesn't get to hot

Jan Copejans says:

@sullay16 I hope you're kidding LOL

ArmenianCwalk says:

@eminmo armenians are too boss with shisha's 😉

Frank I says:

lol why can I only think of this.. "I like you very much! HOW MUCH? ISSS NICE!"

Carlito-raptor says:

He seems Gay…..

JamesHazBeHaiTyme says:

@viatical13 its only nicotine, nothing illegal in here. And yes its better for you than a ciggerette. 4 ingredients instead of 420+.

radamel falcao says:

is the hookah bad for your system?

Gonzalo Hernandez says:

@2LIJIT2QUIT could you give me some tips for the set up and well everithing involved at it ?

w1ckedsh1t says:

wow im new to hookah and im smarter then this guy

ranzo80 says:

lmfao you need to slightly put in the shisha and let the air go through, not put a big piece in it..;;

Derran Hertz says:

like "Bad HabitZ Hookah" on facebook. I own the shop and can give tips and pointers

gerudomein says:

plus its best to wait a bit for the coals to heat on top so when you start you got extra thick smoke:)

summerallmichty says:

the tobacco should not be filled to the top of the head!

Felix Nutz says:

I bet they used that guy for the vid because he has a foreign, far-east accent and not because he knows a lot about hookah stuff -.-

Felix Nutz says:

@BeastingIt he didn't, because he smokes really with that half- lit coal -.- and he didn't say that you should wait 'till its completly on…. sry for my bad english^^

Felix Nutz says:

that girl looks dumb xD

like she does'nt know where she is…..

An aftermath of crappy hookah setting xD

Heroes says:

These are really bad. If you are trying to teach someone how to prepare a hookah, then make sure you do a good job at it.

Alford3D says:

Chill the fuck out, yes you sprinkle the shisha so it can vaporize nicely and get more potent smoke, second they were lighting the coal with a lighter because it was an instalight coal, not the ones you put on a stove.

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