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How to Smoke a Hookah : How to Inhale Hookah Smoke

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Learn how to inhale smoke from a hookah in this free video series that will teach you all about hookahs and how to smoke from one.

Expert: Costa Waez
Bio: Costa Waez is founder and owner of Acropolis Greek Taverna and Cafe in Historic Ybor City, Florida. Costa, from Athens has created one of the most unique Mediterranean experiences you will find.
Filmmaker: Bob Hunt


Souhailll says:

Take a seat take some drinks and chill and smoke

Souhailll says:

Take a seat take some drinks and chill and smoke

Naima Mohamoud says:

The best hookah is in the middle East and the best hookah is done by Arabs

XYZ says:

hookah sucks for u what a bad influence


Steve Martin on the hookah

AnimeLover231 says:

How to get lung cancer correctly:) ,or ,your getting lung cancer wrong,inhale it directly into your lungs:),this has been lung cancer correctly and your doing it all wrong parody

Wolfsburg GTI says:

Why tf is the coal in the middle????????

nathan bonofiglio says:

Thanks a lot this really helped.

dubstepatron says:

People don't understand that yes it's technically tobacco it's not the same shit used in cigarettes the stuff found in shisha is a naturally grown tobacco with no chemicals added and little nicotine found in it  

Homer Smith says:

Says the guy using Quick lights

Jay Mutsuddi says:

Does anyone else think he looks like Steve Martin?

MugetSu178 says:

it is beacause you smoked too much and too fast for the first time. you should go slower

Qaysumah Q. says:

To be honest. I get same thing inhaling fast, and inhaling slow. Whats the difference?

ThunderStorm says:

True, however bad coals can. If you use low quality quick lights there will be high quantities of CO &CO2 inhaled,which can lead to headaches, vomiting, sickness and oxygen deprivation. I am a hookah smoker myself and i prefer using natural coals, since they generate more heat and have less emissions, less CO2 and CO.They also provide more flavor. If you want to be Eco friendly, you might want to look into Bamboocha coals. 😉 Downside is, they take a bit more time and heat to light.

Juan-Pierre Oosthuizen says:

Im guessing the recent stuff he smoked knocked him the fuck out

MrMrpokh says:

Bitch please!! bitches don't smoke.. go to the kitchen and make me some sandwich.

gooch Longdee says:

I'm gonna Regg test it first, don't wanna use the good stuff until I know exactly how to use this shit

Stephen Davis says:

I've never vomited while smoking. However, if you are drinking too, it can make you vomit from the alcohol easier.

Seavers Gomes says:

it looks like u live in osama's cave

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