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How To Setup Your 1st Hookah Session – Hookah Education 101

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Congrats on picking up your first hookah! Welcome to this awesome community and we hope you have a lot of fun. If you’ve never prepared a hookah session before don’t worry, this video will be your guide to the greatest 1st session possible. As always if you need anymore help do not hesitate to contact us through our several channels:
Phone: 866-466-5247

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Joseph El Hajj says:

Concerning the coals, the quick light ones have plenty of bad chemicals plus they totally effect the flavor… No reall shisha smoker will ever use them…

zakaria el maski says:

Two questions what is the best brand of shisha? Pls I heard that shisha is worse than cigarettes is that true?

RayDHD says:


Kiki G says:

Very helpful!! Just ordered my first hookah and I can’t wait to receive it!

Hafid Alsungery says:

Too much holes

Vasile Pop says:

Does one way to fry your brains y'all bunch of idiots

Berlinda Frimpong says:

I can see a foil under the ash bowl. What’s that for?

Vasile Pop says:

Why don't you smoke some chickenshit perhaps some horseshit so you can fry your brains you're bunch of idiots

MCRP says:

I thought it was tobacco what they were smoking :/

mad man says:

You can but some ice in water

Thomas Odendaal says:

Non quick lights much better. A bitch to light but last long and hot taste good too

Ben G says:

I would have said that wasn’t enough shisha in the bowl, but it looked like it was smoking good.

donadu76 says:

Hello, thanks for the nice video and super accurate info! One question: I've read in the wiki page for hookah that sometimes mint leaves or fruit bits are put in the water… I would like to try some day, could you give me some advice on this please?

Davone Hines# says:

Were can I get it from

Tony Amorales says:

In 2018 smoke khalilmamoon on the foil with quick-burn charcoal ,common … and even consider that as a option

L3G1O0ON says:

How to set up your first hookah. First you take that imitation of a tabaco bowl it comes with and smash that shit on the ground. Then go buy a propper clay bowl and go ahead wit hthe setup cuz the bowl in this video is by far the worst that you can go with

Ahuv says:

You have beautiful hands

Vagelis Daflos says:

Congrats on this my friend!!!!!!

Amine Drouche says:

you should dry the flavor tobacco first my friend, it gives a lot better cloudy pulls =D

otherwise thank you for your content

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