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How to setup a Water Pipe(Argileh/Hookah/Sheesha)

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My dad George and I got a new Argileh and we decided to make a How To video for you guys who are curious about getting one or curious as to what they are.


Austin A says:

hey from where you are cause Argileh Sheesha it's in Arabic we call it like that 😛 from where you are btw i have alot of Argileh :

TheOpelkoenjas says:

Getting me one next week, to help me quit smoking. I tried a water pipe a few days ago with my son, and it taste wonderful. I didn't grab a cigarette for a long time. Of course, dedication will be needed, since I've been smoking for 32 years now. But I think this is the best way to start quiting my bad habit. 😉

lmGIad says:

i have in green 😀

Alejandro Carreera says:

I got a sexy green

sem swek says:

haha my toooo

Nick Lantagne says:

lol nice i'm part lebanese

Imran says:

was that an 11inch one

Abdul Aleem Shekhani says:

Much respect to George, taking out the patience to do this with his son :]

Lovro Bašelj says:

so you must not inhale it? you just smoke it like a cigar?

Maxim Verhoef says:

i have the same in blue

Oon Khris says:

i have the saame in brown
in jordan its called a bomb this tipe w hookah 😛

Makabeidi says:

i have the same hookah but mine doesnt work, when i put the tobako holder on the shisha i cant hear the bubbles and its harder to suck the pipe, plus that i wont get any smoke, can someone help?

Bobby Georgiev says:

Perfect tutorial. 🙂

VoidKeeper says:

haha your dad's awesome XD

kadir ekbic says:

its nargilah in turkish

stalledbug30 says:

do you need to put hot or cold water in it and how much ?

stalledbug30 says:

me too in black

Age good says:

Thumb's up for Lebanese people and their "Argileh's" 🙂

Jammin Monk says:

like this vid …smoking my kahlil mamoon smoking some al fahker lemon,,,,,very coo video guys


what part of aus do u live in?

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