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This is how I like to set up my shisha 🙂
Please ask your parents or be OF AGE before you smoke.
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MountainMash says:

Do u want cancer,???? If u want pleasure go eat some good soup and watch nature

denhcp denhc says:

Emanzy you can’t smoke shisha my cousin is 10 years old knows how to make and smoke shisha you are like 20 years old and you don’t know how to smoke it come I will show you how to make the best shisha and idk why you are trying to smoke it. Btw it’s called hookah

Владимир Секов says:

wow , what kind of packing was that . probably i ve packed my very first shisha better 😀 . First that hookah is terrible . the hose is medium to terrible . COALS are the most toxic and unhealthy u can use . and even u didnt wait them to fully burn their outter gun powder shell . the only good thing u used is the bowl exept from the cheap thin foil u used . but please watch some real tutorials and make ur self a much better hookah

Ugur Torun says:

Married me madame

Monica Kaur Sokhi says:

Where's the smoke !!!!

Hamizan Wan darwisy says:

I’m 15 and I smoke good shisha.. btw girll your smoke is not enough you should smoke pod

Schery says:

Everything is wrong big dislike ..

Christian says:

natural coal plssss

gharam hawwa says:

Hello ! This charcoal isn't good for everyday u should use the cube one

Nando Pulgarin says:

What has the world come to….

krishna 1964 says:

Mam you look so hot and cute. Use pipes instead of shisha. Tobacco pipe smoking is fittest to your personality

Lamece Kourani says:

Actually it is HOOKAH not Hokkah

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