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How to set up hookah & how to smoke it🌬|| adoreestarr

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If ya guys want anymore videos were I teach ya how to… do something comment down below and I will be sure to make them 👍.. hope ya enjoyed and learned something make sure to like comment and subscribe ❤️


Loni Emurli says:

I Like Ur smile

it’s destinyyy says:

you and ya mom are hella pretty

it’s destinyyy says:

you and ya mom are hella pretty

Monica Hamilton says:

You doing too much interaction with others and not the video sis

Toxic_ KingJoe says:

Firs of that hose is not good for hookah. your using round coals instead of square coals and your foil was too thin. just tips tho, not hating. love your content❤

suuufian says:

Is somking hookah not popular in the US? Yall use a Set Up we used in Germany 15years ago

caandicanee says:

Do you have to use 2 coals?

Celebrity LIVE says:

All her tips worked lol damn she never claimed to be a professional .. if the bowl fucks up then oh well , get another

Rastclart LDN says:

What size is your pipe? Just ordered a 56cm one

Vasile Pop says:

only thing I can tell you if you keep smoking to stop is going to fry your brains think about it before it's too late

Coren Nelson says:

Where you get your hooka from?

Dayroom Moody says:

She said why u breathing like a fat girl lmaoooo

Jhea Roberts says:

okaay we know she “wasting water” but mind your business, y’all buggin

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