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HOW TO SET UP HOOKAH FOR BEGINNERS | BEST Hookah Tricks &Tips! | Step By Step Guide For Beginners

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In this video The Common Advisor (TCA) gives an in depth tutorial on how to set up hookah for beginners. This detailed step by step guide insures that the beginner or seasoned hookah lover looks like a hookah boss. TCA even goes over hookah tips and tricks! Feel free to use the TIME STAMPS for specific parts. SUBSCRIBE LIKE & ENJOY!

3:04 – Hookah Bowls
3:18 – Ceramic Bowls
4:02 – Apple On Top Bowl and Packing Bowls
5:49 – Coals
6:47 – Types Of Hookahs
8:17 – Hookah Bases and Water Filling
10:17 – Hoses
10:49 – Blow Thick Smoke (Ice Hose)
12:43 – Types of Tobacco (Shisha)
15:35 – Full Set Up
19:16 – SMOKE WITH ME!


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Episode. Oli says:

i got really bad hookah sickness one time. i didn’t eat or drink water and my head was hurting so bad for days. now i eat and drink water while smoking

TheRealDJAux says:

What’s your take on CBD shisha’s ? The non tobacco ones. You feel like those affect how much smoke you will get from the hookah ?

J Cooper says:

Good job explaining. Very thorough. Just ordered the Apple on Top. Can’t wait!!

Next time you in Nashville, check out Aladdins. Nashville staple for the hookah scene AND great food.

J Chroniclez says:

Great video amazing steps and great clouds

TCR Rolle says:

Name of song?

prem almeida says:

this is a great video man

Jessie Griffith says:

Where did you get this bowl from? Thanks for the tips

Veronica Hinds says:

Omg! the best video I've seen I will smoking my hookah tonight!!!


I appreciate the video. Very informative! Did you get your Apple on top directly from their site or somewhere different?

V Smiley says:

Does your shisha touch and burn on the bottom of your heat management bowl? Mine does, so my question is am I packing the bowl too high?

crystal harley says:

Where you get your bowl from

crystal harley says:

How you get alot smoke

PLB Raven says:

Just subscribed !! Ur video helped alot

Karim Rawda says:

I have tried Fakher for a while, but I tried Mazaya recently and it is so much bettrr than Al Fakher!

Scott Paul says:

Is LIT a good hookah?

Amanda Lyles says:

Great Video….During this quarantine I'm missing hookah lounge so I just brought my first hookah. Thank u for the tips!!!

Tee Brown says:

I don’t smoke weed , I can’t smoke weed because of my career . I’m 24 and work for city hall and I felt that so deeply ! Update ! So I went and bought a KM 33” and when it arrived it was so huge I got scared and said ima send it back . It does have imperfections, but it is beautiful . It smokes well . So happy you recommended it .

That MD Guy says:

You at ya girl house ain’t U that got woman’s touch behind you all day on that couch but keep up the good work Brotha

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