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How to set up a hookah(for beginners)

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Learn how to set up a basic hookah


Malika Dionne says:

Thank you lol

Tae Al says:

Look like mine yes I'm an at home newbie

inoky senpai says:

I will honor your techniques

Akeem Jackman says:

Thanks for the tutorial. You made it simple….definitely will upgrade in the future

Dania Benitez says:

Shit… I just wanna know how much water to put in!!!

celine lopez says:

Bro ur vid teach me something but ur friend in red can’t smoke

S Mounir says:

Where did you buy that hookah from???

M0B C-137 says:

what the fuck is "sheesha"

Pineapple Asmr says:

That shits barley bussin

nTudor says:

I don’t trust the 240p quality

The best of days says:

Hi I'm Egyptian the "shisha" is tobacco shashia is the correct and original name for hookah. Get the facts right

Eric says:

You will get better clouds of don't cover the holes in the bottom of the bowl

someone • says:

you guys should put the charcoal on the stove top it’s much easier

Zay Gang says:

My bad i mean vape

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