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We’re going to show you guys how to set up a Hookah! This is very easy!
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13415 SW 56th St Miami, Fl 33175


Dominic zakarevicius says:

My g is using quick lights
what ever you do don’t use quick lights there really bad and they make everything taste like shit

keamogetswe Tladi says:

Thanks i was about to go back to the shop and tell that guy to go F off i want my money. Only to find out i can't set it up

Lil Bonnie says:

Want something shorter? Click here

Kevin Garcia says:

U cannot set up a hookah barely see the smoke i can make a hookah buss

Ronnie Almond says:

That cloud was massive I don’t think my lungs can handle it tbh

AwH Vex says:

This was obviously a troll.

Krishna Kapoor says:

what iss the water level in the hookah tank ??????????????????

Vape Nation says:

Old ugly aaaaaa

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Search here for YOUR Hookah