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How to set up a hookah the best way (max cloud output)

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Big cloud hookah technique, shout out zaya for recording.. This video was recorded in front of a live studio Yourahem. **Let me know if you guys would like to see anything else I appreciate the feedback**



I know how to do it I'm just watching to for fun

zeckeria sayd says:

I have the tobacco free flavour so I still have to put it on the paper towel like tht

Sameer Atique says:

Finally a real ass video

Real Spill says:

I’ve set up my pipe correctly and I even have the exact same cubes aswell but no smoke is coming out? Anyone know how I can resolve this issue?

Mohanad R. muhi says:


Mohanad R. muhi says:

Clay head are the best bro

Need Break says:

Bro stop doing it please. One puff is equal to 1 whole cigarette.

Dolla Holla says:

My parents won’t let us do shisha at home so I’m watching to learn in the future when I move out and get married lmfao

Toxic Clips says:

Who else watched this guy in 2016 and came back cuz this mans jokes

Vasile Pop says:

the only thing I can tell you if you keep smoking this stuff is going to fry your brains

panterask8r14 says:

I automatically take every tutorial more seriously as soon as the f bomb is dropped

Mochi says:

I’m here cuz I was just looking for stuff inside my house and I just came across it and realized what it was and my parents are Muslim lol so idk if they smoke i never seen them smoke

kik: AlB135 says:

I get my charcoal & shisha from the cornerstore/bodega

Nuredean Kelebu says:

Everyone think they know how to make a good hookah , I came here with an open mind lol

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