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Today we are making the strongest hookah you will ever try. Stick with us and see what is going to happen!

Have you ever smoked a hookah with strong tobacco that was not strong enough. Well we have a solution for you! Today’s method of packing originates from Kazan, Russia

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dramaisnoqueen says:

So where can I find the Russian sh$t? I'm Russian and no Russian website I came across ships worldwide, haven't flind it on international ones either

Behruzjon Saidov says:

Are there any another extra tobacco except DoKha? I mean in China I couldn’t find that would u tell me another one, please!

Kez Rashid says:

I will stick to my mild hookah lol 40% Watermelon 35% kiwi 5% paan 20% mint

Mohammed Hasani says:

You use a fork! wtf!! We don't do that in Iraq you have to respect your Hookah and use your hands only,
I don't think you know that much about it so we have a private group on Facebook to teach people about flavors and how to make shisha if you want to join send me a message on Instagram @itshosnii

GamingDiary says:

I swear you're the only one who puts a hole in the bowl, cuz so far everyone uses quick lit charcoal and they don't make a hole in the bowl

Muhammad Ahmed says:

AL please drink strongest hookah with your buddies .. it will be alot of fun and we will love it ♥️♥️♥️

Monkthulhu says:

Wtf is with the pointless introduction of the lotus?! This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Explanation correction: "How to pack the strongest bowl: add a healthy mix of Dohka/Frigate"

This is a fucking troll right?

Danis Hasanagic says:

Im trying to lose weight myself so any tips on that? xD

HighHell99 says:

3:42 Ahahahaha "grab some friends you don't like and give them this hookah"

Mustafa Hussein says:

لوبس ترجم كلامك

Skip Gaming says:

Very nice video in my country, we do this with 8 coals and name is russian bomb 😀

Raad Mustafa says:

holeeeey u lost alot of weight! congrats man

prekasm says:

and please!! try hookah with vanilla flavor with 3 espresso shot on water 😛 😛 😛

prekasm says:

can make a video how to safety clean the hookah after use????

hey hey says:

Шо за хуйня
У нас так уже пару лет не делают,ебашишь на фанеле в касатку,делаешь прослойку дохи и досвидание

KoMa Tauri says:

Do you thing that it will work when use instead of dokha good pipe tobacco? I realy like your videos and your tutorials. You always make me more experimentation 🙂

Please more videos like that.

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