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How to make the best Hookah Fruit Bowl by HOOKAHBoss, Art Hookah, and Hookahjohn

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This in depth video shows a great way of making a hookah fruit bowl. I saw this done at a tobacco expo last week and wanted to share this with you. Featuring the owner of Art Hookah, Hookah Boss, and Hookahjohn.

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Savage Brothers says:

Waste of fruits….

Life With Nikki says:

Great video love this Check out mine see if I'm doing it right lol

Law Liet says:

The foil was loose before he stapled it. If he staples it so that it remains tight and add a wind cover after, there would've been twice the smoke.

Rue Cruz says:

What a waste of fruits and lungs.

Kez Rashid says:

This was the worst presented fruit hookah ever. Wow.

Leeroy Jenkins says:

This is a great video, I use this at my bar we service it's a big hit.

Ильдар Хайруллин says:

Скоро и оверпаками начнут баловаться)

Emre Çiçek says:

Oğlum bıçakla tütün doğramakla şişeye buz koyup ışıklandırmakla nargileci olunmuyor, yaptığı görselden başka bir şey değil duman çıkmıyor çekimi zayıf közleri direk üste koyması tek folyoda yanmaya sebep olur folyoyu yandan zımbalamaması duman performansını kesiyor. Hey yavrum hey

Ni Ma says:

Who is the damn cameraman?!!

WalkOn YNWA says:

My args are 20 times better 1000%

HASS AAN says:

Lol there hookhas are nothing against our desi sishas our smokr is likr vape
Cloudy Drak and for a long period

Ibrahim Uraza says:

I love the part where he puts the foil on

He did it so good

AlshyGuy says:

Sounds like someone farting there ass out in the background, no good with headphones.

M07٨MM٤d N٨ZZ٨١ says:

30 mints for making hokah really

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