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How to Make Perfect Smoking Hookah with Foil? 1 Easy Trick

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Today we show you how to make a hookah using foil. We also use Zomo tobacco which is pretty great for light hookah sessions. We are posting this on Christmas Day and want to thank each and everyone of you for sticking with us🙌

We hope that the next year will bring joy and happiness to all of you!

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How to Blow Smoke O’s:

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MOJO hookah lounge says:

Hey guys, just wanted to make it clear that we would need a specific brand and model of the bowl to be mentioned:) sorry we have not made it clear in the video:)

Shuhrat Popal says:

Why 3 layers of foil?

K H says:

do you prefer smoking with the lotus or old school with the foil and coal?

Donavan Watson says:

I get hooked ashes in my Bowl lol is that normal?

Dev Arora says:

Why so many layers of foil?
I thought you were only supposed to use single layer

Crite Mike says:

Охуенно получилось — просто проорал в голос

Blaskó Tamás says:

What is the name of that hookah?
Thanks for the answer

Graf Dracula says:

Точно ахуенно получилось?)

Safouane Azzouzi says:

A phunnel! Greats from germany 🙂

Александр Смирном says:

" Апупенно получилось " )

salman jafri says:

Thanks for teaching …

Elias Jesus says:

That’s a Phunnel Bowl, and they’re excellent

Maéva Faudemer says:

Hi please can you tell me if the nube unique hookah from Russia is good?? Thank you love you video all the way from France my guy

Jamey Lang says:

Egyptian bowl

Ajet Sela says:

it takes only 30 seconds to poke holes perfectly

Саке Маке says:

Нихуя себе на русском заговорил

Bence Putnoki Balázs says:

Give me this mans IG

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