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How to Make Perfect Smoking Hookah? 1 Easy Tip!

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Make a Hookah
Three Parts:Assemble a HookahMake a Fruit Bowl for a HookahCraft a Hookah Out of Supplies in Your HomeCommunity Q&A
Smoking tobacco from a hookah is a major step up from smoking dry cigarettes. You can purchase many different flavors of shisha to make smoking as pleasant as possible. If you don’t have a place nearby to buy a hookah, then you can create your own out of household items. Then sit back, relax and enjoy this amazing smoking experience.
Assemble a Hookah
Image titled Make a Hookah Step 11
Fill the vase with ice cubes and water. Put just enough water into the base so that the stem is submerged about 1-1/2″ (38 mm) into the bowl.
You need to leave just enough room in the vase so that your smoke doesn’t bubble up into the hose.
Avoid putting milk or dairy into your base. Adding dairy will ensure an unpleasant smell, mold, foaming in the vase and ruined hoses.
Image titled Make a Hookah Step 22
Add your grommet. The grommet is a seal that joins the stem to the vase. Most hookahs come with a rubber or plastic seal. Silicone is the best material for a seal, but you an also simply seal the vase to the stem with electrical tape.
Image titled Make a Hookah Step 33
Put the tray that holds the coals onto the hookah. You need to put it on before you put the bowl on because the bowl may not fit over the tray.
Image titled Make a Hookah Step 44
Insert the short end of the hose into the hose port. If your hookah has 2 ports, then you can purchase a rubber seal to close off the other port.
Image titled Make a Hookah Step 55
Prepare your shisha. Follow all of these steps for the best smoking experience:
Evenly mix your tobacco so that all of it is covered in flavoring and molasses.
Fluff up your tobacco and drop it loosely into the bowl. Leave 2 millimeters of distance between the top of the tobacco and the bowl so that the shisha doesn’t touch the foil when you put it on. Burned shisha will add a nasty flavor to your smoke.
Buy a good quality shisha. The quality of your shisha will determine the flavor of your smoke. You can also mix and match flavors for a great-tasting smoke. Buy 50-gram portions of shisha so that you can try it out without spending a lot of money.
You can cut up your tobacco leaves with kitchen shears to more easily pack them into the bowl. However, don’t cut them too small or they’ll fall through the holes and clog your bowl.
Image titled Make a Hookah Step 66
Put heavy duty only foil over the top of the bowl. Your foil piece should be 2″ (5 cm) larger on all sides so that you can form a tight seal around the bowl.
Keep the foil tight so that wrinkles don’t distort the heat distribution. If you only have thin foil on hand, then double it up.
When you’re finished, your foil-covered bowl should resemble the head of a drum.
Image titled Make a Hookah Step 77
Poke about 15 to 20 holes into the foil with a toothpick, a pin or a sharp-tipped pen. Take care not to shred your foil. You can try a couple of different patterns based on the kind of bowl that you have:
Egyptian bowl: Start with a circle of holes around the perimeter and spiral inward.
Funnel-style bowl: Make 3 concentric rings: 1 around the edge, 1 around the spire and 1 between the 2 circles that you’ve already made.
Image titled Make a Hookah Step 88
Light the coals. Hold the coals with a pair of tongs and light 1 corner with a match or lighter. Because sparks will be produced, you should either go outside or stand near a window.
Always use the tongs that come with most hookahs to light or move your coals. Avoid using kitchen tongs, which may have been coated in a polymer to provide a non-stick coating for food prep and easy cleaning.
When the coal starts to sparkle and emit smoke, pull the flame away. The coal should continue sparking until all of it turns bright orange.
If the coal still has some blackened patches that aren’t burning, then


Mohanad R. muhi says:

I have a wooden hookah too. Exept its 15 bucks and it tastes awesome. And i have a hookah. That its only made in iraq. From taha factory. It tastes so good you need to try it. It called a babeliya. It taste good. The expensive ones are in 100 dollars. And the cheaper ones are 60 dollars. It give a cloudy tasty smoke.

Mohanad R. muhi says:

Al-fakher mint and gum guy.

Akram Sharbek says:

What kind of tabacco do you use?

Safoo says:

perfect 10 minutes smoking hookah

Franco Sanchez says:

And the flavour will be burnt in probably 20/30mins with the way that bowl was done and that amount of coal. I might start making YouTube Videos to show how its actually done!

Ry Back says:

how much it costs this hookah ?

Amirmohamad Khorsand says:

If you pack the bowl like that, the hookah will be too strong and the tobaccoo will burn after a short time. Its better to use less tobaccoo. There should be about 1cm distance between the tobaccoo and charcoal.


U have a new subscribe here 😀

Yarin Orlev says:

That was such a good video! LOVED IT. BIG LIKE

Majkata Majkata says:

there is no way he won't burn us

MrKay says:

What hookah is that?

Usman Habib says:

soooo put on too many coals and overpack the head.. got it.. SMH this is the dumbest things Ive ever seen

Hicham Lebbouz says:

The music choice is great – u have a new subscribe

Usman Ahmed says:

LOl.. Ur doing it all wrong

Fitim Mustafa says:

Autsch kein Abstand beim tabbak gelassen . Aua das tut ja schon beim zugucken weh in der Lunge aua

Anthony Shelton says:

Is it the bigger the hookah the bigger the cloud?

Adam M says:

4 charcoals and overfilled with tobacco. There is no excuse for this 'we usually do it different' 'heat management' blabla. The wooden shisha is also very bad for quality and durability. I wouldn't smoke ur hookah in ur lounge. Back over here in France, we have Hookahs that you never knew existed.

Syed Raheem says:

Lol u placed 4 charcoals, it won't last long just for 50 mins it will work

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