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How to make hookah smoke dense at home – set up shisha flavour

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hey guys, homemade hookah is not as tough as you think it is. I’ve shown how to make a hookah flavour chillam way better and in this video you can learn to transform your shisha game by following​ my techniques! WARNING! clouds so dense it might start raining! if you want more how to hookah videos please comment below what you want me to make next. this how to make the best shisha video was a blast to film with Danishi!

Are you in Mumbai today? Feel free to meet Danishi and Divpiv at Rileyz Cafe, Juhu , Mumbai, Maharashtra. comment below to know more!
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Comment faire de la narguilé fumer dense à la maison – mettre en place la saveur de Shisha

Wie man Hookah Rauch dicht zu Hause machen – Set Shisha Geschmack

Hoe maak je waterpijp rook dichte thuis – opgezet shisha smaak

どのように自宅で密栓を煙にする – シシャの味を設定する

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SUBODH (SU2) – Lite Flow [Trap][NCM]



Heavy Anarchy

Nue French…


healing killer says:

Men your personality is too good!!

sincere skeptik says:

Idk but these Arabs are fukkin awesome

F A L A S K A says:

Job kar jake dhua mat fook

Dilip Borah says:

Baperor murtu

Uym O says:

Isn't aluminium proven to be harmful and linked to alzheimer's?

Rachit shah says:

Ye mast banda mila pure youtube bhai bahut pyara content he tumhara, thumbs upp fr you. 5 out of 5 ❤️❤️

Jinnhaali khan says:

Bro smoke nai ara phir bhi

Anurag Bhardwaj says:

Suar k bache dens smoke kaha hai ghahede

Shariq Darvesh says:

Is it having any age restriction

Sunny Tenison says:

You guys leave these kind of things else you will be suffered in health releated prblm.Tum jaisa nalyko ke liye india ka ye haal hai.nasha kro bss koi kaam toh nhi hai baap ki paise ko barbar kr rhe ho sala chutiya.

Syed Anas says:

You are fucking good

Tamal Dey says:

Bhai I'm works in Hooka Parlour you making the Flavour wrong kiwi blast………..N Don't light tha Hooka with Silver Foil in Starting otherwise your Flavour will Burn(jaal jayega Flavour)……


3 things are important

Fatimah Ibrahim says:

What a bad ways

Indranuj Kar says:

Third class banaya hai. Girl is practically clueless ki ho kya raha hai

Tad ka says:

Beta mere paas aa ja hookah banana se lekar
Ring banana
Playing with smokes
Aur less time kitna bhookh ready karna dikhaunga

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