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How To Make Hookah | Proper Way to Pack a Bowl | Tutorial | Shisha Tips and Tricks

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In todays discussion we will go over best ways to pack the bowl and what is the best way to pack a bowl for smokiness and for flavor. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

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Muhammad Ahmed says:

Make a video on your favourite hookah and favourite flavour please AL ♥️

Hizza Rehman says:

when using a lotus heat management, do you not need to use foil?

Ahmad Kurdi says:


James t says:

Thanks for the tips… how should i mix flavors?

Ahmad Kurdi says:


Lord Yusf says:

جيلي عودي

IWillSexU says:

too underpack imo..

Jaa Far says:

Do u guys ship hookahs in the u.s?

Wooback says:

Where can I buy that hookah lid from?

bye felicia says:

Great now give it to me.

suleman ravla says:

Hi Mojo. where can I find this glass shisha . I am from india. Its lovely shisha …

Abdulelah Abdulaziz says:

Man you got thinner
Good for you

Kemal Yildirim says:

Great video, I have two out of the three set ups! 100% on the packing method. My only suggestion would've been. How long would the session last for each set up and how many coals would be ideal with each set up. Once again great video.

MS17A says:

What’s the second bowl name ?

coreyrus1987 says:

I would like for you to give link to the bowl products you use.

Dima Baranov says:

LMAOO, That print on the hoodie tho XDD

Jon Wallace says:

As a first time hookah smoker this was awesome!!

DjUnbreakableTV says:

Hi how are you? Where can I purchase a Tortuga hookah bowl? Thanks for all the great videos!!

Imre Palágyi says:

I am usually using a bowl called Sahlar mini, it is made in Hungary, I think they function very well with foil, even when I smoke alone. It usually lasts longer than an hour though. The lotus fits on it by the way, so if you guys are interested in some special bowls to expand your collection, please give some feedback about it. Btw I always pack it the way you packed the second bowl in the video, even though this is phunnel style.

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