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How to make Hookah AKA Shisha

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A video tutorial to make a perfect shisha (hookah)


Wahab Khokhar says:

Bro whenever i smoke shesha it feels desse why

Ak Lounge says:


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Abis Hasan says:

In steel you put 2 glasses of water?

TH3_RANGER says:

i have the same hookah

Ζ KS says:



Daniyal Aqeel says:

They are coals not charcoal 6:56

Fuzz says:

Chicken leg bis

Hammad Hammad says:

What things should we note while buying sheesha please tell me?

Hammad Hammad says:

From where should i buy huqqah ? I Live in karachi

Narguileiros_ anps says:

Qual o nome desse narguile?

how this gamer worldツ says:

You're stupid think showing around the world shame on you

HafzaProductions says:

Why is the base moving?

Adeel Bajwa says:


Samarth Patidar says:

ay man just an advice, dont air your coals while they are still on the stove

Haseeb Ali says:

I have same hookeh

Nasajaaz says:

mix fresh lemon juice in water try it

Sher Dil says:

I have two hookahs same!
We call it steel base hookah!

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