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How to make a thick smoke hookah(shisha) at home.

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Hello youtube,
This is my first how to video, more videos coming soon
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Opti Maze says:

Khalilmaamoon Hookah Store:

Chetan Sawant says:

Wrong method of making sheesha….
1. Always double the foil paper as in this video it has been applied in single layer… u r using freshwrap foil which is thinner than the foil actually used by proffesional… foil thicknes will avoid burning flavoir too early…..

2. Charcoals shud never be kept in the centre of chillum… it will will give u a charcoal esence..

3. There shud be always hollow opening in middle of chillum on the holes when u fill the flavour.

4. Always try to cut the flavour before mixing…

5. Always mix the flavour properly… smell it b4 u put in in chillum so atleast get a proper idea of how the flavour is prepared.

6. Add some ice cubes in base will increase the smoke

7. Before using sheesha fill it with water and refrigerate . (More cooler the water in base. More the smoke will give u a good soothing cool effect when u smoke)

8. Never use the coals shown in this video. Try to use natural charcoals(nalli koyla) or atleast coconut coal.. as magic coal and this brick coals have lot of chemicals which is bad for health and it also destroy the taste.

Any ways sorry for commenting bro but hope u take it as a advice from elder brother

GamingDiary says:

Lemme list your ERRORS
1: Do not use that much aluminum because it'll pass heat and burn the head
2: Make a hole in the middle while applying the tobacco because you won't breath anything from doing that
3: Use starlight charcoal because it's the best you'll find out there

Bhagu Koli says:

Video ko nikal ke fekdo …..bkavas he

Bhagu Koli says:

Bkavas hooka video banahi he

Zidan Malik says:

Chutiyastic making with your local hookah..

benji0815 says:

Oh damn. With self-lighting coals, there is no good hookah.

Faisal Mughal says:

i did not even learn shit fuck this guy

PAKHTOON VINES funny says:


Salman xD says:

Bhai tum foil paper sadar selae ho na

Jen says:

Where did you get the hoohak system from? I like the base.

Devesh Dwivedi says:

You are a child in the world of hookha
Aur jitne easily Tune smoker coal jala diya h n agar jal jae real life me to mea hookha pena codh do
Chutiya bana raha…

Rajesh Kalyan says:

Price kya h es ka

sahil khan says:

Bhaiya mrpr ye hi pipe h apke sme vala bhaiya isse bhot muskil se smock ata h kya kru bhai

Areeb khan says:

Pehle khud to sekh le hookah lagana tujse accha to m lagata hoon

Shadat sadman says:

flenar ka price kit na hay

Nipom Jyoti Barman says:

Amazon me milta h kya flavour?

Dhanraj Bhadauria says:

Banana seekh lo pehle

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