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HOW TO- make a perfect Hookah to get cloudy smoke (easy steps)

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hey guys , this is a video on how to make a perfect Hookah to get cloudy smoke in few easy steps , don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe to our channel for more interesting videos and press the bell icon to get notifications of our videos , thanks for watching , sorry for all the mistakes.

Know how to make smoke rings :-

This video was shot by Jayaditya
Special thanks to dilo shishaking

background music- Ash OConnor-vibe

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anshul bhardwaj says:

Bhai plzz make a video on how to maintain a hukka for long time ?? Do we need to turn coals frequently ? Smoke gets in base of hukka where we fill water. Kya fook marke hame vo smoke bhr nikalna chahiye ?? Thodi der baad hi vo taste khtm ho jata hai. Vo taste long tym k liye kese maintain karein ??

Vishal Raj says:

Hindi bol angrej

Arsh World says:

Bro bhut tyt

Areez Ali says:

Hookah ka size chota hona sa smooke ma fark parta h…?

LaDDu says:

Bhai re Hindi aata hai na to Hindi he bola kr

Zaid pervaiz says:

Bhai kum flavour daalne se kum smoke aata hai kya??

Zyshan Ali says:

Sub say pehla mejha ye hookah stem sale karo

Karan Malhotra says:

Bhai coal kitni rakhu yrr….ye to btaya hi ni…

viraj gadekar says:

from where did you got that chillum ?

Deepu Gurung says:

bro i tried many times but flavour nahi aarahaa!!!

parth sharma says:

great video… bro perfectly explained

gaurav maurya says:

Bhai yeh btao ki Aap agar choti mitti ki chillum ho to kaise use flavor bnani .chaiye btw love your content keep it up

Vortex says:

How did you make the sound of your hookah soooo low

the bloopers says:

Filmora. Yess.

Jahanzaib raja says:

Lakh lanat charsi heroinchi.

Talha Maalik says:

Bhai Paani Thanda Daale Ya Garam ?

Amir Mehmood says:

Mint + peach = fabulous flavour

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