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How to Make a Hookah out of a Bottle for Coca Cola

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How to Make a Hookah out of a Bottle for Coca Cola

Hi Friends I want to show you how to make a hookah at home from improvised.I made it out of the Bottle from under Coca Cola.It turned out very nice.It can be prirovnyat to the life hack.It’s a simple life hack how to make a Hookah at home.Happy viewing Friends.

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ØRËØ BØÎ says:

And that’s how you make a bong.

Adam vs Lucifer says:

next video :
How to grow cocaine in your garden with a coca cola

Kaif Kaif says:

Bottle muga da do

Flames & Explosions says:

Yeeah let's inhalate plastic!

Gingerale Cranbrbrbrb says:

1:12 he brought sprite into this!

mhmd Darwiche says:

hell no lemon and mint are much bette r

Sunil Kumar says:

Brother my smoke is not coming out what's the reason and what's the quantity of water in the bottle

Maya Maya says:

I try in right now it works

MANIJACI 1987 says:

⚠️It works thank me later⚠️

iulian rosca says:

His dangerous for kid on 10 years

201Kiient says:

Bruh start with a smaller drill bit

Mike G says:

Must say worked really well

Jakob Wolf says:

If you want to inhale plastic why not

Muhammad Rahib says:

next vidio pleace

Atlegang Makhobotloane says:

Great video and great thinking

oscar Rodriguez12 says:

wow that cool

Xav Games says:

It's not a how to if there's no hot glue am i right

Jamshed King says:

Jamshed king



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