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How to Make a Hookah | Foil vs Kaloud Lotus | 6 Ways Tutorial

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Foil vs Kaloud Lotus

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Browny says:

Whats the difference between open and closed chamber in terms of taste i know it will give you more of a airy pull but thats about it i dont kno whats better

Philip Ivanov says:

Can I ask you why do you separate them like that? If you put less tobacco it does not necessary mean that you are a beginner. It's all about preference and economy of tobacco. Also the top layer of the "expert" one will burn and the flavour will ruin .. If i give you Tangiers Cane Mint yellow line would you dense it like "expert"? I don't think so 🙂 I'd say to beginners to start with lighter flavours like O's, Azure gold line or maybe Eternal smoke. The density of the pack is all about the way the shisha tastes, it will not make the shisha stronger and hard to smoke.

lul k says:

damn bro stop eating…. thiccboi

Stefan K says:

Hey, what do you think for Steamulation HMS in comparison to the Kaloud Lotus+? I’m torn which one to buy.

OwnGeneral says:

The lotus works best on a funnel bowl. That is what it was made for….

Mihai Dobrin says:

lotus 1+ vs lotus 2 vs qasar raas?

PrettySuccessful says:

My problem is my tobacco is burning and I only smoke for a good 15 mins before it gives me that god awful burning taste idk what I’m doing wrong.

Mohamad Zaiffuddin says:

May i know. Ur hookah size?

adam rr says:

Can I use foil and lotus together but only 1 layer of foil

Dull Nabawi says:


onur ekici says:

This is awesome.. thank you brother.

Akshat Khanna says:

Any comments on kaloud niris? Does it lose its color ?

MotiveNation says:

foil is much better than lotus.

mufazal ali says:

but which one tastes the best?

ahtsham ali says:

I smoke in my balcony. I've been using the lotus alot for some reason sometimes it's a really nice cloud output and when cleaning I can see alot of the tobbacco smoked. Other times I'll have a 45 min session and theres no good smoke output so I give up. Then when I go to empty the bowl none of the tobbacco has even smoked/burned. I'm using 2 coconara coconut cubes I dont k ow what's going on. I tried to buy a steel coal holder with holes already pierced in the metal but the smoke tasted all metal so I threw it away.

I might go back to foil but not sure.

I'm going to try an over packed bowl with the lotus and see how it goes.

I think you should replace the lotus every 3-4 weeks if you want a good smoke. That's probably why my smoke isnt coming through because I'm on my second lotus and have been smoking hookah everyday for 2 months now.

Also why is it that the al fakher always burns properly black when I empty my bowl but the starbuz doesnt?????

AweeMeisterr Majster says:

Dont working nothing allways shitty clouds wtf

Akshat Khanna says:

Does it matter which side the foil’s shiny side is facing ?

ss 09ss says:

amazing … kindly follow my account

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