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How to Make a Glass Hookah Simple DIY

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Hi everyone! Numerous requests to make a simple but effective hookah without using a large number of tools, came the idea to make a glass hookah. The glass vessel is taken from the building glass block, other accessories, bought in the store for hookahs.

List of materials, what you will need to create this project and many other information you can find on my Patreon page:

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Song used: Sappheiros – Motionless


Hookah Parties says:

Nice video. If I can make a few suggestions: 1. Drop the water level to about an inch or 3/4 inch above the bottom of your down stem. 2. I’ve never seen a bowl being packed that way. Are you doing it to save tobacco? You can try filling up the bowl with more tobacco, and then cover the top of it with foil and pull it right like a drum. The coals would sit “on top” rather than “inside” the bowl. Try those two things out and let me know how you like your session. Better? Worse? Great content!

Shabnam Jhan says:

Bhai filevr kha daala aapne

MrKlink951 says:

Where did you get the bowl ash tray glass adapter

『ZA WARUDO』21世界 says:

And what was the original purpose of that huge empty cube of glass??

xhag1x says:

using a torch to light coals hell yeah

Malik Umar says:

all hoolah nice

Malik Umar says:

nice brooo

David Dragan says:

What are you smoking. In this video? Many thanks

IBlaCK says:

Falto o respiro

nacho borras says:

Where did u get the tube that connect the hookah with the tobacco.?

one outdoorsman says:

You should learn to blow glass

Lucas Martins says:

What is the measure of that central hole you made in that glass cube?

Craig Dick says:

I've never really thought about it but a hookah is exactly like a bong pretty much isnt it?

IronMarshal says:

bruh do you even grease your joints?

Guizão says:

Eii ensina a fazer um com garrafa de Wiski por favor Mano !

uukemon says:

Hey if you don’t mind asking what drill bit you used

Julian Bodenstedt says:

Best hookahs

На всю голову Астраханец says:

прикольный бурбулятор! Оригинально!

SpicyBean Tofu says:

Ive no need for this but I was cerious to see it made.

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