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How To: Hookah

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A short video i made for some friends that wanted to know how to best light and pack a hookah. sorry if the video is upside down, silly iphone.


F A R A Z says:

Mr beast….

oscar p says:


J1Delta says:

And he smokes on the beach man I'm irate

J1Delta says:

Shit hookah and shit technique. Nicole or whatever your name is, don't do it. Who the fcuk uses tongs to put tobacco on the bowl. Use your hands puss

Sant UB40 says:

Dam thiz old, nice video thou

Spider says:

Do you inhale it into your lungs

eldar memishi says:

The camera quality is the best

Farhan Babur says:

U even dont know how to setup a perfect

Lashea Smith says:

I over packed.

Veeh91 Vlogs says:

Thank you Patrick!

Товарищ Александр says:

My dude get those feet outta here

Prophet says:


Khalil Ahmedarain says:

Wao nice style….if u want bought new pieces of hooka can contect with me

alialrida elreda says:

Can everybody stop bashing the guy it honestly seemed like he made this tutorial based on how much he knows and he thought he share on how to do it now instead of making fun of him just fucking go make a video on how to properly make one fuck I dislike humans

James Frazier says:

Thanks very much. Very informative.

pradalogy says:

"helluh, mai names patrick"

Heisenberg 24k says:

جيش السوبر موجودين

Mystic Eyes says:

Love the video!! Thanks

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