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How to – hookah smoke tornado trick

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hi guys, this video will teach you how you can make a tornado out of hookah smoke or vape smoke.
we had tons of fun filming this 😀
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Wie man – hookah rauch tornado trick

Hoe te – waterpijp rook tornado truc

Comment faire – la tromperie à la fougère à la narguilé

كيفية – الشيشة الدخان اعصار خدعة

どのように – hookah煙の竜​​巻トリック
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Shivank Panchmatia says:

Instructions not clear died again

GOLD says:

Bhai aap aek video bane inhale prabhu bana oooo please…..

Abhay Kumar says:

Kya chutiyapa h be

Aryan Mehra says:

Bro can you make a video on how to push smoke rings

Aman Mishra says:

Sir plz make videos in Hindi

Azaz Shafqat Mir says:

where r u from bro

Narayan Cv says:

Dat movement when he said "you need to get your hand slowLy inside!!!!" LMFAOOOOO

Shere Punjab says:

Yer thora Hindi use Koya Karo plz,,hum desi jeyada English nahi samjte plzzzz bro,,,

anshul bhardwaj says:

Bhai pls make a tutorial on how to charge a coconut coal quickly

anshul bhardwaj says:

Bro, is there any difference in smoke or duration of sheesha when we put one coil orr when we put 2-3 coils ?? Does it make flavour burn quickly ??

Hookah GOD says:

where is tornado bro?

Aftab Shaikh says:

Your channel are to good but it's can be better if you use hindi

Ibrahim XD says:

Yo I learned by u thx

Ibrahim XD says:

Yo give me the 50 dollars

Crackerjacks says:

hey, Ajinkya here from Crackerjacks, we were planning to shoot a vape tricks video in Mumbai. so if you can help us with that. it would be great. plzz contact me 7021531376

Puja S says:

I wanna meet to u yr

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