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How-to Get Thick Hookah Smoke Clouds With Kaloud Vitria & Lotus

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**Like this video for a Tangiers Kaloud Vitria Tutorial**
Hey everybody today SMOKEorPASS breaks down some of his favorite tips on packing the Kaloud Vitria, and how to achieve thicker clouds. We all love using the Kaloud Vitria bowl here in the warehouse, and the feedback has been amazing for these new age bowls. The Vitria hookah bowl contains a glass interior with a wind blade design, and a silicone sleeve for the exterior.

You can check out our blog for more information about this bowl and many other products right here:

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The fancy Art Hookah Aviator Hose is right here:

Oh and the Kaloud Vitria and Lotus can be picked up in a combo package:


bazooka says:

Can I use tin foil with this type?

Test Test says:

Can you use steam stones on that?

Legend Gaming says:

Mine glass is getting cracks is it normal or wtf is wrong with it

Sultan khan says:

Price is 20 riyal i just bought it from.saudiya araviya. Place name is al hadra. Muhata.

ss 09ss says:

great,, kindly follow my account

Daniel Bernstein says:

I actually have the same set up and I use 3 Atlas coals, and serbetli shisha and it usually burns the flavor at around 30 mins of use. I’ve done all your steps and it still does the same thing. I don’t know what’s wrong tbh?

GodOfLean says:

Great video !

Teckmo-X says:

I like his videos. Thorough walkthrough to getting the perfect setup. I'm about to try this be right back.

Edit: This absolutely rocked my session!

Jason Khimera says:

I'm confused… Or bad with the science of how the silicone doesn't melt XD…. Amazing

Armin says:

dude your tobacoo is low tier in germany you have more and better tobacoo also the charcoal is bigger

mohammed siaj says:

I tried it and it really worked thats a great tutorial

Nicholas says:

the heat management must touch the tobacco or not ?

G2REY7 says:

Hello bro, i use the same silicon bowl and the same head. My problem is that the tobacco burns and turns black. that's why it's scratching while pulling. why can you overload your head and your Tabac does not burn out? I use 2 pieces of coco coals. Thx for helping

Ernest Sheffield says:

That's how I set up my Vitria bowl, but my clouds are no where near that large.

DrJoGaming says:

Very nice video! You explained everything very well, im def going to try this packing method out!

djsp00n says:

Al Fakher tends to be a little drier, I pack it a little bit tighter than other brands like Fumari or Starbuzz.

Eric Mieldon says:

This was an amazing video, great explanations and attitude. Thank for this.

Greg Brown says:

@Hookah – Shisha

It would be interesting to see you guys do a "how to" on cleaning the Lotus. Especially the new one that the textured finish instead of the shiny one.

Gamerz Crafted says:

we get it, you vape.

Kevin Chea says:

How does your lotus look after your session?

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