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How to French Inhale | Vape Tricks 💨 |

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Here’s a really quick, really simple tutorial on how to do the French Inhale! Enjoy!

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VapeChilla says:

YT Deleted my original pinned comment ¯_(ツ)_/¯




Connor Handschuh says:

I like your beats bro

tyler c says:

Question: If I’m holding my breath with it in my mouth how do I then inhale through my nose. If I’m holding my breath I can’t in hale my body wants to exhale??

Emong Elardo says:

lakas edits hahahaha

Camilla Anastasia Paoli says:

my lungs are not very happy but i am, thank you for this tutorial

alex logren says:

Are you able to do it with a smoke novo 2

EZD Swag says:

Thanks helped alot

Mitsuba Sousuke says:

I cry because I can french inhale but not ghost :')

Justin Foley says:

Comment down who came after seeing peaky blinders Micheal gray ….

Pets Freak says:

Heyy u exactly look like great legend "che guevara"

Nathaniel Tate says:

So I did it and now I’m so lightheaded

Umi ZoomR says:

nicotine kicks bruh

Yasuke says:

i got buzzed af doing this

Michael Murray says:

i cant do it cuz i have a nasty overbite 🙁

Snate Up says:

Slowly push out the vapour then just inhale through your nose it’s one of the easiest tricks also try doing the ghost if you have problems inhaling toxic ehy used to it maybe even make the vapour go through your nose to help with any burn you get

رنا daryl says:

here after seeing it on tik tok

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