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How to Blow Smoke O's | Best Smoke Rings | Tricks for the Beginners

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How to Blow Smoke O’s

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crystal salazar says:

yesss, this help me so much

Alex Andrew says:

Blew some O's without even knowing

mansour mansour says:

Corona made me do it

Mardinli says:

I wrote history wowww

ZolaTheMagician says:

Do i do anything with my tongue?

Draft Account says:

ay now i can do os finally

royuky says:

Bro, it just worked. Many thanks

jay blue says:

Im gonna start smoking so i can to do this.

Flash Thompson says:

Can you do this with cigarettes?? Or vape??

Gareth Alford says:

Like the Caterpillar

faze rug says:

Thanks man u helped me

Rupert Wolfhagen says:

awesome how to mate! i finally did a few on record and made me feel awesome!

My Reply Notifications are OFF says:

I suck dick at this and ive had so much nicotine trying i think ima die lol

Ben Samsung says:


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