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How Healthy are Hookahs?

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Did you know that a typical hookah smoking session involves inhaling 100-200 times the volume of smoke inhaled with a single cigarette? Dr. Eissenberg, Professor of Psychology and Co-director at the Center for the Study of Tobacco Products, shares research on the harms of hookahs.

On Sept. 8, 2016, the American Legacy Foundation (also known as Legacy) changed its name to Truth Initiative.


Porch Fly says:

If you put something good in the bowl then it's good.
Smoke mulin or something other than flavored tabbaco.
Put some Gold Lable Hash in there and you will be more than okay.
Giod luck finding any old school hashhish anymore.
There is no real reason to smuggle it anymore. It's not easy to make.

Eric Inglis says:

I was smoking shisha at home for 4 hours the other night, we had a few drinks also. We also used the quick light self ignition coals.. I was feeling dizzy before i went to sleep, then woke up in the night to go to the toilet. I woke up again crammed between the toilet and the wall, i realized i had fainted. I suspect carbon monoxide poisoning, I would be willing to see those self ignition coals banned

Adil D. says:

Feels like I am watching a cigarettes ad.

A Guy In The Woods says:

Yes, smoke is one thing but the type of smoke is a whole other thing.Comparing apples to oranges

kokob amanuel says:

you do not know any thing about hookah   just simple say it is bad to you   your lab is a fack than      do you know how hookah made   just tell people it is bad for you just do not say what ever comes in your mind  you do not inhale hookah and cegerat you do inhale  so Dr  do your researcher   do educational assents  do not play scare tactic   that for uneducated people

kokob amanuel says:

do not inhale

Zedd says:

I think after much analysis cigarettes are by far the most dangerous discovered, yet every air associated device in the 21st century is just completely harmful, as something of an anomaly. It could be how we design things- and probably that the air is just bad anyway, and is compounded negatively more so by how we design products and combinations.
Anomalous, but it’s a good point that things have become unhealthy and profit driven as well as…compulsory.

Zahide Ahmed says:

Blow out one puff of hookah smoke and one soda bottle!! I would say blow out 3 drags to fill there bottle up. So sorry doc I dissagare

abdul cader solomon says:

Its so upsetting that when thsy do these studies all they take into account is the amount of smoke

Parwin Qasem says:

Smoking hookah is extremely dangerous than cigarette extremely dangerous for health and all the organs in the body that one little taste in your mouth will ruin the entire organs .people getting cancer because of hookah.

balazs546 says:

2:38 This man has so much knowledge he doesn't even need coal

Sento Fresh SOAPS says:

Dr don't waste time on your research go and have a one full session of hookah and next smoke 100 cigarettes back to back and then if you survive without admitting in a hospital then please write your thesis and Share with us

Kawazy Aika says:

Yes but, is it smoke or water vapor?

Hassan Lastname says:

Im not a scientist . But in my opinion most of people of smoke hookah doesn't smoke it daily it might take a week to go to a hookah section . And i can see that the majority of hookah smoker's share hookah section with freinds .

But on the other hand we can see that cigarette smokers can smoke were ever they are and all day long daily 24/7 and they doesn't share it with freinds and they get most of smoke of the cigarettes into the lungs directly to feel relaxed .

silverss onyoutube says:

It's vaporizing it . The tobacco isn't burning . This is false information

Zama Ali Shariff says:

The Music at the backdrop is all u gotta know abt the cronie Doc n Co .. thyre fuckin cigarette Co Lobbyists

Tomas Contador says:

Its not smoke its vapor idiots hahhaha

ChrisisHereO2 says:

just smoke weed…

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