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Hotbox Hookah

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The HotBox Hookah is finally available at HookahJohn.
This is not just another box or travel hookah.
The work put into this and the materials are top notch.
This is a long video, but the inventor himself is here to go into detail about this amazing hookah.

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Joe Pope says:

im thinking between this or the kaloud one i am interested in this one because im thinking about how much Ice i can pack into this

Sefer says:

were can I get that hose ?

tupz24 says:

I hope the price goes down

Brendan Kahl Jr. says:

Wow! Very nice hookah and materials are top notch! It was great to hear from the inventor on how its put together and how it works AND it comes with oil to keep it in good condition. He really thought of everything and it shows. -BK

vpn says:

$350 are u kidding? drop this to $150 before the company goes bankrupt.

Jorge Martinez says:

Good review.

Jacobo Zayas says:

Definitely would love to buy one

topdogg916 says:

hey @hookah john i sent you an e mail earlier per in regards to hew3 please respond when you can thank you. p.s. id love to see this piece there.

King Bond Tang says:

Do you ship to UK?

Mr. Puffy McFluff says:

Piece of art.

B Lew says:

A FREAKING MANUAL… YES! FINALLY! Like why does nothing dealing with hookah come with a manual???

Vicky Ortiz says:

Where can we get 1 im in ny the bronx ?

DJ Ill says:

That's actually a very cool concept. It's nice to see something different, these days all companies are just copy cats of each other.

Perjot Sidhu says:

Thats pretty sick, didnt touch on price tho… probably rlly expensive

Mounib Samara says:

The inventor of it is very clear with his description, a refreshing change

Avian.3x says:

This is mad nice I don’t know tho bc it’s not thick smoke

barkevvv says:

this looks like it was made with a lot of love and care

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