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Hookahstarter Pro Accessory Review

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Joko Saputro says:

Can I buy the hookah starter? I come from indonesia

Prakash Budhu says:

cheaper to purchase a keyboard vacuum much cheaper

arjun biradar says:

Sir where are u from ??

Iam Indian there is not available this hookah starter pro machine ….

What can I do sir??

jonaSAM says:

you can blow the air on your coals while they are still half black so the coals warm up faster as well. so you don't wait for the coals to be ready, just put them 3 or 4 min earlier on your hookah 😀 
but i wouldn't use it with the lotus because the tobacco gets the heat but not the head. and i think lotus works the way it heats the head and the head heats the tobacco :/ 

greetings from germany!

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