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It’s me , the Hookah God about time
Showing you how you really do it
Im 17 and got one of the best setups who got it better then me ?
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Thank you for watching more to come some day to be there
Instagram- Jaytheoneeee


Gelly Gel says:

Lol loveeeee the energy

Lil Bonnie says:

Want something shorter? Click here.

daffodils inn says:

Idiot shouting like an asshole

OwnGeneral says:

If you want headaches use self lighting coal like they did…

YourboyFranci says:

Yo where tf can i get that shit u put on the manguera, u took it out of the fridge?

scrammy1 says:

Yoooo he looks like Junior

christian goscha says:

Hookah god? No. Good at setting up/ making bowls? No. Every person trying to teach people how to make bowls with false info? Yep. I could tell u everything to make ur hookah perfect but seeing as how all u did right was use the shiny side down for the bowl was correct, I'm just gonna let u think ur a bad ass.

jessicahargroveable says:

You're funny I wish you spoke louder though I can't hear you

Lil jengo says:

Small packs are for cheap niggas. Preceded to use a plastic fork.

flyguycurley says:

Bro stared speaking Spanish then said I’m lien about that


We stoped cause u stopped making videos and posting

Sibi Koose says:

It does not make sense

Joaquín Montecinos says:

Ok arcangel

juan cardenas says:

I had headphones in that duck sound killed my ears

Hamza Asadullah says:

Lit bro❤️❤️

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