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HookahJohn's Must Have Hookah Accessory Pack

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HookahJohn’s Must Have Hookah Accessory Pack
These are 4 items you will need to have in your hookah collection to stay clean and organized.

You can get them here:

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DusSemGamez GM says:

After every session wash your hookah, if you leave the hookah dirty overnight and then wanna use it again the next day? Thats a no! When u clean the hookah the next day, the junk that comes out….. hookah john is right

Cameron Blank says:

I always love your videos except for the sink always makes me gag. Make a vid on how to clean a sink. And then keep doing it.

Jameshill 8520 says:

I just cleaned my hose port for the first time in 7 months!!! I have never heard to clean it and there was gunk in there like small pebbles of red stuff i think it may be chunks of shisha because i smoke AF and it’s red. I am concerned what it was ? I cleaned it for two hours sprayed some Lysol in there and rinsed it out very well. Have any ideas what this was? Do i need to get a new stem?

Musa Bhatti says:

I hope this guy has insurance for cancer…
With the amount of hookahs he smokes a day….

omar allauddin says:

Best HJ video

Solo 7.62 says:

the hookah jhon stor is fucking expensive the hookahs in israel are soo cheap and not just a hookah is original syran hookahs is for 40 bucks

zaber79 says:

what hose is that he uses

周大維 says:

With all the used Hookahs you have lying around you could make a Hookah cafe, imagine it! "HookahJohns" it already has a ring to it like the place to be for Shisha smokers and hip/young people. "HookahJohns cafe and shisha bar" have coffees, kebabs, chips, mocktails. Like wow

Do Viet says:

First of all I consider you the best in the business. I was wondering about something I really really hope you will ignore my post. I see that besides running a hookah business and doing videos, you are constantly smoking hookah (I assume). I wish you can give us YOUR OWN insight into the health effects of Hookah smoking not from a social standpoint, but from a daily smoker. For once I'd like to a hear the thoughts of a professional. Thank you

Jay Roller says:

Ya's need to offer a upgraded Stainless Steel ball bearing for purge ports. They don't rust like the bs that KM ships out.

Purges so much better now that I replaced mine.

RazzleD5zzle says:

do you guys do international shipping ?

ConvertibleJay says:

I've been trying to get in contact with you about your gold tray to fit that very same hookah you first started cleaning >:o

Adrian Shillova says:

It can be old I don't mind it

Adrian Shillova says:

Can you send a hookah like the one you are smoking now PLEASE

Ladda Evolta says:

Do you promote silencer for the stem?

Adam Guirguis says:

Must be a slow month for HJ. Advertising boring useless products.
Come out with a new electric ring for hookahs, reinvent the game and patten it. Get rid of coals and have a cleaner smoke. Now thats real hookah john shit.

Fr3ke says:

i had a flavor savor but lost it. might have to pick up this pack

Michael Lukasik says:

put in the fumari hole poker and a diffuser

Douglas Silliman says:

now i have to edit my order plan if you are making a package deal 😀

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