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HookahJohn Releases New line of hookahs

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HookahJohn Releases New line of hookahs.
These are Egyptian, Syrian, and Turkish inspired hookahs.
These are great hookahs and the pricing is right.
Add one to your collection, or, just enjoy the video.
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benkovac boy says:

The fart at the start

wcohlefeta says:

got one that your using here and i love thank you john

zzNPZzz says:

Just ordered the Triple Octagon as my first HookahJohn purchase. Can't wait to try it out! 

Daniel8Springs says:

I would love to work for you!!

Zahid Karmali says:

Hookahjohn which hookah would you personally recommend a km or one these newer Turkish inspired hookahs?

Solid Snake says:

do you only ship within the US? what about the UK?

Andrew says:

Sent you an email regarding the titanium coconut coals but got no reply! If you could look into it, that would be great. Great pots btw!

ArturasDzeikas says:

great price John! I am quite surprised in fact. Keep it up.

Mister Thrice says:

WOW these hookahs are AWESOME and you priced them at a great deal!  I will definitely be picking up one of these!!

Aaron says:

you mentioned this isn't your go-to hookah which got me interested.
Will you ever do a video about your favourite hookah, favourite flavour, bowl, etc?

Danny Jamz says:

Brotha are you still gonna do the bowls add on for a discount?

7aydar7aydar says:

Very nice john…alf mabrouk on that

Leo Taveras says:

hookah john do you have a Promo Code i can use please

Hassan Nasser says:

More videos John, habibi!

Foreign Boyz TV says:

They kinda look like dream hookahs but looks good !!

Piet Villarin says:

Does your new hookah come with those awesome bases too??? =)

SaiyajinOG says:

Do you ship to germany? 😀

Abraham O says:

I think these hookahs are nice, but not awe inspiring and I explain why and in no way am I trying to bash your product; I think it is great that you are adding to the market from coals to a whole hookah.  Functionality wise I'd give it a give it an A, I think there is no way you could really improve on functionality, I mean its clear what works best what doesn't and I am glad you didn't; I do find the lebanese like trays an interesting touch.  However, I feel like having a single color to these hookahs even the turkish one which is a very nice design in spite of it, does not make it stand out.  I suggest for the next version two  colors or maybe  a pearl in there etc, i.e. to avoid a single color scheme this is what I think will take them to the next level.  But again pretty nice hookahs


Nice hookahs I know you were happy when they finally made it from port

BOZ! says:

John these are very very VERY nice. The turkish inspired is just beautiful 

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