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HookahJohn in Arabic

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For the Arabic viewers that have requested this, here you go.


technofaisal says:

your arabic is great!!!

Med Sasad says:

I am from morocco i'm understand your languige is very cool…. Bravo my man john
سلام اخي

Mosab Najim says:

Hi jonh ,,
Regarding harmony Bowl , how many peas in 20 feet
Price cnf Mersin port in turkey .

Jubaiir ahmed says:

Wow didnt know he was arabic

Azza Ahmed says:

السلام عليكم اخي المحترم ممكن وصفة عمل معسل

Mohammad D says:

I am from jordan and your arabic language is good , if you can uploads more videos in arabic language

hussam nadhil says:

نعم نفهم عليك تكلم بل عربي

sebashtun dakeng says:

id love to do a hookah session with hookah john

Samer Yousef says:

I watched it for second time, I from Jordan. And I want to ask you.Why don't you ship American tobacco to Jordan.

Harith Hassan says:

Keep on bro love from iraq ♥️♥️♥️

qusay abbas says:

عاشت ايدك يا مبدع

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