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HookahJohn, Back to basics, how to set up a hookah, for beginners

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This is a beginner’s guide to setting up a hookah.
Experienced hookah smokers will not need this…unless they just love/hate HookahJohn.
We will be discussing how to set up a basic hookah, tobacco brands, and some accessories. This will help some of those new to hookah to get started.

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Celine Guldhammer says:

Do you ship worldwide?

Shahbaz Aslam says:

Price in pakistan sheesha

Shahbaz Aslam says:

Price in pakistan sheesha

Akshat Khanna says:

Answer- May be,May be not

haider chaudhary says:

How much is his shipping to the uk?

NoSkillz says:

this mans said" bless me"

Nik pru says:

How to be own hookah werehouse like you

Cav L says:

He sneezed all over the new hookah and touched a nosel

Sebastian Pardo says:

Which side of the foil should be facing up?

Roshan Gurung says:

Do you supply the hookha accessories??? If then how can I contact you??

Eric says:

I tried a brand od shisha called fantasia its pretty good it reminds of the starbuzz brand incredible hulk I'd awesome or surfer on acid

Eric says:

What's your thoughts on the hookah stones

Sohail Essop says:

Your coals are the best

Simen Skaar says:

hookah size, does it really matter? is bigger better? i have a medium sized probably 40cm tall should i upgrade?

Kenny BMX says:

sounds so nice

Ali Fareed says:

Is it safe to smoke hookah at the age of 16

Barry Lab says:

John, im a Canadian Smartphone (privacy) manufacturer here in China typing this. I gotta say, I enjoy how you put quality first. You get it, i just wished the Chinese would too. Good luck to you!

sean reilly says:

hi i am new to all this i was told to use loss tobacco and then max them with different stuff you have shown or do you just use the stuff that you shown with out loss tobacco thanks

Backalley Ent says:

Al Fakher was the first I ever used i made a menu of custome blends only using fakher

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