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HookahJohn Back to Basics, Choosing a Hookah

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In this episode of HookahJohn’s Back to Basics, I cover different models of Hookahs.

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Opti Maze says:

Khalilmaamoon Hookah flavors and Accessories:

Zohaib Rajput says:

Johan love you bro ilke your work

Mel Row says:

Camera person sucks!

Amanda Macy says:

What are your thoughts on Amira/BYO??

عشق Love says:

Where was the basic parts in this video?

Super Wisdom says:

Syrians and Turks know the business of buzz

Sebastian Nielsen says:

Miss the back to basics

MaKerL1fe says:

Don t buy turkish hookahs, never, those thin hose points will not be compatible to any type of hose other thsn cheap unwashable stuff that you can t find unless you buy another hookah, i own 2, both hoses broke and rusted and i didn t manage to find hoses that thin. Buy thick hose ported hookahs, so if thevhose breaks you can just replace it

Fit Living says:

Camera man is shit

Jeremy K says:

can you make another video like this but updated again?

tom cognilio says:

What’s a good hookah for a noob use once a week

TQSR Activist says:

Hey I have a question I have Khalil mamoon hookah brass stem and the port where you connect the hose…
This part unsolder and is lose, so how you solder this part again…
Please let me know and thanks, that’s a cool collection of hookahs you got there…

John King says:

i came here trying to figure out whats the best hookah : /

looking to spend some money up to $400 on a hookah…but not sure what's good and if prices justify the quality output of the hookah or if they're just overpriced…

any advice anyone?

Yassine Now says:

I love you hokah john

124demo says:

Sorry but all of ur shisha sucks, u want i good shisha with quality then u have to buy the ”taha shisha or even called babiliye”

ardvarkkkkk1 says:

Bottom line: They all smoke the same. Only difference is looks and size. If you think that the small Chinese ones are junk, you obviously don't know shit. They smoke great.

Raul Aguilar says:

But how would you know your buying Chinese or not?

yah Boy says:

Camera man is trash

Elya 38 says:

Elnafs pasha mean the king of puff in kurdish

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