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Hookah U | Class 1 | History/Vocabulary

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Welcome to Hookah University (Hookah U)
This is a series dedicated to teaching you the art of Hookah. By the end of this course, you will be a certified Hookah Expert! Well not really, but the goal is to educate you as a Hookah smoker, and teach you about all things Hookah! Big thanks to everyone involved with this project cause without you, it’s just one Nuckuh’s take on this fabulous hobby. I myself continue to learn new things about Hookah everyday it seems like, but instead of keeping it to myself, I want to share it with you all. I hope this is received well by everyone and makes a positive impact on our community. Happy smoking everyone, and see ya in class!

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Dylan Morton Jackson says:

i think i'm in the wrong class

Jeremy Battle says:

The Hookah most likely originated in ancient Persia. There is a reference to it, in an old Persian Poem, that predates the supposed Indian Origin by a few hundred years. It's in a quatrain by Ahlī Shirazi (d. 1535), a Persian poet, refers to the use of the ḡalyān (Falsafī, II, p. 277; Semsār, 1963, p. 15), thus dating its use at least as early as the time of the Shah Ṭahmāsp I. It is the earliest literally evidence anywhere for the hookah, and suggests it was already in use in Persia, and brought into India at a later time. This is verifiable independently.

Shahaed Torafder says:

where did you get your hookah vase from the black one?

MILAN Singh Aswal says:

is hookah bad for singers?

Archie Hannibal says:

Hey this is a really helpful video. You have made a new fan my friend keep up the good work.

Shanmatee Reddick says:

Great start, looking forward to the next session!

Do_a_dic.kflip says:

Nuckuh this vid was great , keep it up , I'd like to see a bunch more. The indroduction was very nice.
love your vids! Love from Austria(not Australia haha)

bigdaddybry says:

Interjuckshahree. cool vid for newbs

Galactic Pie says:

Stem chamber or heart of the hookah 😀

Christian Arreguim says:

Does the star buzz hookah fit on most km bases or Czech mate base?

Ron Thompson says:


Hassan Nasser says:

AYEEEEEEEE Nice start my man I like it. Still waiting on my diploma though

BrokenRiceGrain says:

Hey there! Where the purge valve and the hose port meets is called the chamber or the heart of the hookah. Ey! Thanks for doing these videos man. Keep up the great work! Thanks Professor Nuk!

Vedant Saxena says:

Yaa right…nice start….in india the hookah bowl is called the "chillum"crazy but true!!

Alex Barr says:

"Basically" lol

RoyalZProduction says:

Hahahah I lost it when you said 'your teacher, Nuc' and 'ooh you brought your teacher an apple… or two apples..'

Ernie Rivera says:

I love how your bringing a new form of hookah videos to the game Jnuc. awesome video man. Can't wait to see more.

Nandine Vestry says:

Man i want that omar violin pipe so bad, i cant find it sold anywhere in uk. keep up this series, its great! 

Bitpix says:

Love this series! awesome and organized keep it up Jnuc!

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