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Hookah Smoking : Hookah Etiquette

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Hookah etiquette includes using plastic mouth pieces to avoid spreading germs. Learn hookah etiquette with tips from a hookah bar owner in this free video on hookah smoking.

Expert: Nate Porter
Bio: Nate Porter is the owner of The Hookah Bar and Grill in Murray, Utah.
Filmmaker: joseph wilkins


Dub Beats says:

me and my mom in her boyfriend we pass

reddishmango says:

i know its not weed but puff puff pass! just saying..

tman4life01 says:

Either you're a troll, or a dumb ass. Hookah sessions aren't like smoking 100 cigs, you fool. The only reason why people say that is because the amount of smoke that is inhaled.

papi3133 says:

And omg you are a idiot inhaling hookah is the stupidest thing you can do ever do to the amount of smoke. that, and one session of hookah is like smoking 100 cigarettes so it is harmful looks like your not such an expert r u tough guy

papi3133 says:

Its been an arab thing for 500 years asswhole youve been doing it for about five the only reason its popular here is because it was tried by veterans in the middle east and they liked it so they introduced it to relatives who told their friends then exploded into popular culture so no its not your thing at all u just use them so get it right ass whole

Unruly Ones says:

It is generally used only for tobacco… Howver you could put Cannabis or Opium in it, I wouldn't reccomend opium though.

Unruly Ones says:

No it's not…

Unruly Ones says:

No it cannot.

Unruly Ones says:

Vapor* yes.

Unruly Ones says:

I know this is an old post, but no… It isn't the hookah, the amount of nicotine is so low that you can't get addicted to it, it also isn't harmful in any way.

Unruly Ones says:

Don't have to be arabic to be an expert on hookah, dumbass… Welcome to the melting pot of the world, it's our thing now as well.

Unruly Ones says:

You have to inhale. However there is much less nicotine in shisha than in cigarettes, so you don't always get a buzz, lots of people never do.

RedEy3d says:

I've smoked Ciggarettes and other stuff lol b4 but do u not inhale hookah smoke?? I feel like the head rush would be amazing

papi3133 says:

Ahh i love when white people think their experts on hookah us arabs brought it here its our thing always was always will be

papi3133 says:

Ahh i love when white people think they are experts on hookah us arabs brought it here it was always and will always will

kristen winfrey says:

if you want to get technical the real hookah etiquette, your not really suppose to have a hookah on the table it is suppose to be on the ground. having a hookah on the table is actually a sign of disrespect and your not suppose to use your left hand as in many countries that hookah originated from they consider your left hand to be unclean

Andre' Bettinson says:

He's talking about smoking with people you don't know.

DaveASL says:

THC and CBC are both anti-carcinogens. Honestly I think the craze over combusted plant matter causing cancer is a little over-hyped. Cigarettes are dangerous sure. Tobacco is highly addictive, many cigarettes are full of chemicals, and nicotine promotes the development of cancers even though it doesn't cause it itself. It just seems if one avoids tobacco, they will be fine enough.

DaveASL says:

from what i've heard if you put a small layer of cannabis between 2 layers of shisha (herbal or tobacco) it can be rather nice

BurbonAftertaste says:

Dude, if you own a hookah bar, you should know that putting hookah on the table is indecent and totally off limits about etiquette. In middle east it means that you think your better then everyone else (in a bad way), you should put hookah only on the floor.

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