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Hookah Smoking : Hookah Bar Etiquette

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Proper hookah bar etiquette includes only smoking hookah, and not smoking cigarettes or cigars. Learn hookah bar etiquette with tips from a hookah bar owner in this free video on hookah smoking.

Expert: Nate Porter
Bio: Nate Porter is the owner of The Hookah Bar and Grill in Murray, Utah.
Filmmaker: joseph wilkins


RedEy3d says:

30 seconds? I'm sure u could've put ur 'next segment' into this

Shan Royal says:

i wonder if this dumbass knows that hookah still smells…. its not no electric cig lol

WW says:

Please touch the top.

JoshTaylorVlogs says:

Here in Michigan no one cares if you light up a cigar

EvAnAlMiGhTy1995 says:

filler up with some weed and we're good to go!

FrmSyriaWithLuv says:

@Insanity714 thats why they have 138,712 videos lol

Chris says:

I would fly all the way to Utah to smoke there, the bar seems so chill and friendly! The hookah bars i go to always have cigarette/black and mild smokers in them and it stinks, also the service is always terrible, so bad I'm having to wind up buying a hookah so i dont have to go to the bars with my friends!

Keegan O'Brien says:

@nelyat13 This is how your wrong Pot lowers the I.Q. by 5 to 10 points studies in leading medical Journals attest to this, so pot makes you a dumber member of society. Studies involving our closest relatives the Recess Monkey, conclusively show that pot decreases motivation if only for just a month or so after ingestion its still not good. As to your Lung Cancer argument that proves my first point, have you ever heard the word carcinogen? Pot has 50 to 75% more carcinogens than tobacco. fact

Fakest Name EEEEEVAR says:

@TeamshakeNbake haha i wish you knew some of the potheads I know. Don't be confusing potheads with junkies. Potheads only smoke pot, nothing else, no cigarettes no bullshit pharmaceuticals, no bullshit bathtub designer drugs, just pot, grown in the ground, water, soil, nutrition, seed. The only negative effect smoking pot has ever had proven, is the negative effect of smoking any natural plant matter, the crude combustion reagents. find me a study thats reliable and proves pot bad, cookie for u!

Fakest Name EEEEEVAR says:

You only mentionned not blowing smoke in faces and not touching the top.
One of these is a question of etiquette and the other is common sense. dont play with fire indoors when you've been drinking.
I wish you made videos longer than a minute that had more than a few sentences in them, because you seem to know what you're talking about you just dont spend very much time actually talking about it.
Every video is the same, 30 sec ad for your bar, 15 sec check your hair, 10sec information.

sam pantoja says:

@mrwaltdisneyworldfan & whats wrong with marijuana??

monstermiataman says:

This guy and his segments

Andre Di Stefano says:

anything that you inhale will have you sustain some sort of longterm damage, regardless of what they say. Look at cigarettes in the 1920s and 1930s, everyone thought that they were safe.

Andre Di Stefano says:

@HyphyTheBboy It may not be worse than cigarettes, but it is still not safe. people may argue that it is fine because it is natural, but so is marijuana

Andre Di Stefano says:

this is worse then cigarettes, people think that it is safe and it is not.

Pseudonymous' Plethora of Pinatas says:

depneds on the mixture i guess but we put it in everything here, crumble it up on some chronic even. the club hash here is mixed with keef to make it burn better but thats just how the store sells it.

Pseudonymous' Plethora of Pinatas says:

wtf you smoke in there? if your not gonna smoke weed or hash why use a hookah?

David Brodowicz says:

@HomerBong yeah we do when someone looks young. But you cant card everyone. I didn't contradict myself at all, pay attention.

David Brodowicz says:

@Psychelectric It's not a hassle to set it up at all. I love setting my hookahs up. The setting up process of packing a bowl and all is more addicting than the nicotine. I have some shisha with 0.05% nicotine, some others that I have are 0.5% nicotine content and neither are more or less addicting.

The cost is DEFINITELY a factor. With cigs your whole set-up is a pack…and a lighter. Which is much more convenient than buying a stem, bowl, base, hose, shisha, coals, a coal burner and tongs.

David Brodowicz says:

@GeoAl09 normally hookah smokers fully inhale the smoke. I usually smoke hookah everyday, about 1-2 bowls a day. If you don't fully inhale it then you don't really get the full experience. Plus those thick clouds are great.

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