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Hookah Smoking : Buying a Hookah

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Buying a hookah is a good investment for the avid shisha smoker. Buy a hookah with tips from a hookah bar owner in this free video on hookah smoking.

Expert: Nate Porter
Bio: Nate Porter is the owner of The Hookah Bar and Grill in Murray, Utah.
Filmmaker: joseph wilkins


Eli Madrid says:

Ill stick with my KM

Jon Daugherty says:

$500 dollars damn

z- man says:

that single green is on amazon for 15, pffftttt 50$ my ass

OhYeahFishOn says:

U lying ass amateur. Those myas r not that expensive they're like half that price. They're crap anyway, except for the bases. Lol

Andrés Guzmán says:

Difference between an expensive hookah and a cheap shisha?

Andrés Guzmán says:

Difference between an expensive hookah and a cheap shisha?

YoBreakDance Yolo says:

Lol I rather buy cocaine and weed with 500$ then a fucking hookah bahaha!!! Funny very funny

first last says:

Go to amazon cheap

Read Nigga, READ! says:

500 for a hookah? you smoking crack!

Billposter says:

500 dollars for a hookah? LMFAO!

Pain-au-choclat says:

some nice hookah, i get mine from a hookahs to

utah hookahsupplyco says:

hahaha 500$ for a 30 inch crystal hookah what kind of place are you running?

Nathan Gaucher says:

Got one for $10 on amazon

Yinon Estikangi says:

Lol . I have one just like the huge green one un the back… I got for 100₪ (NIS) -about 30$.. You have to be a real sucker if it was that expensive. You can get a small one here in israel for like 10$. Thats just messed up.

Tank Tonka says:

500? shipped in from the middle east? thats a crystal mya, you can get one for about 400 bucks, and they're an american company, if you want a good hookah for a good price, get any khalil mamoon, they are egyption and premium hookahs, they cost anywhere between 70-180 depending on what you want, they will last for ever as well!

Miami Hookahs says:

Bros and Gals! Go to miamihookahs . com

Wyatt Thompson says:

My Nammor Ramseys III smokes better then the hookahs at hookah bars… Haha

FknJulian says:

It's a Crystal Hookah, not a Glass like KM or Nammor. Hookah-Shisha has a Crystal Mya for $475. Crystal Hookahs are pretty expensive. But then again, if you take care of it, why would you pay extra for a crystal if you can buy a great KM or Nammor for much less?

seropserop says:

500$? Lmfaooo I'd rather get me a nice km and USE the rest of the money on tangiers a windbreaker a phunnel and vortex a narbish v4 a diffuser and a lifetime supply of chronic natural coals and a portable stove, even if I get a solid brass km with copper down stem and bohemian jumbo vase it still wont cost 500, people go to hookahJohn or 5starhookah or hookah-shisha or hookah set before u drop money on someones marketing.

WillHelmS says:

go to hookah-shisha . com

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