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Hookah Smoking – Akron Children's Hospital video

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It’s hip, it’s trendy and it smells nice, but hookah pipe smoking is just as dangerous as cigarettes. In this Children’s Channel video, Rajeev Bhatia, MD, FAAP, a pediatric pulmonologist at Akron Children’s Hospital, discusses the hazards and myths surrounding the use of this elegant device. For more about respiratory care at Children’s, visit


Loki_Cane_Corso_ Italiano says:

I'm an epidemologist, you can not get hepatitis through saliva!!

John Walker says:

Him or her is high as hell

Connor Sleeman says:

You can just get fibres without any tabbaco

Aaron Emmanuel says:

Il just stick to smoking a blunt or joint, thank you very much…

Wilt Chamberlain says:

The air in my city is poluted more than in hong kong so it doesnt really matter

Chill Rex says:

SmOkE DMT aNd EnD iT aLL

DIno Hrkic says:

It could couse lung cancer. Still no one have had got it from hookah hahahha

Lutos says:

This pooja is telling me 10 cigs whilst some say 200 cigarettes can someone give me an exact number

puns22 says:

the online gamer

silvershadow says:

damn by the thumbnail i thought he would be hitting it with the cancer kids

Martha Manuel says:

story time!

Few weeks ago I tried hookah with my family in Canada during my road trip. The server said it doesn't have nicotine or any dangerous thing. I only take one try of hookah and I dont know if it's harmful. Im 12 and I tried it for the first time. Am I in risk I don't wanna die ;[

znmmaz says:

I’m telling you now we’re not putting tobacco in there we’re putting weed in there

X class laxxz says:

Nobody says hookah is safer it is 20 times worse because of all the smoke

#piarate Ghost says:

Very good doctor

AHH HHH says:

Wait is it even legal

karsm shows says:

wtf ,the thing we inhale is basically water vapour .there is no alcohol ,nicotine ,charcoal. and tobacco u speak of ,dont u know there ate many flavours without tobacco.u gotta research on this whole thing and then upload a vid

its me demon says:

Never smoke guys


Hindi me bhol

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